Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Tiptop Science Discovery Talk

Thank you for coming in to speak to us Mrs Ballinger! We loved your talk.... and the Choc Bars!!

Atawhai School Speech Competition Placings

Congratulations to Max Serrano and Poppy O'Brien for your second and third placings in our school speech finals. You were so confident and very persuasive! Well done!

Monday, 27 June 2016

Atawhai shared their speeches this week. 

Your teachers have been so impressed by the effort every one of you have put into your speeches. 


We  have watched you research, draft, write, re-craft, discuss, practise and  present your work.

We know that it is not easy standing in front of a crowd of people and speaking for a whole 3 minutes but you have all achieved success. 

We have loved watching you develop and grow in confidence

Two or three people from each literacy group were chosen to share in the LC2 competition. 


Nevenka, Finn, Katie, Ashton, Bailey, Max S, Lucy, Raph and Ella were speech finalists in the ATAWHAI competition.

From this group, we chose 4 to go forward to the school competition. 

Poppy, Max S, Ella B and Finn competed against the Year 6 students. 

Our Year 5 students did amazingly well in this competition! 

SPECIAL MENTION to  Max Serrano, who came second in the school competition & Poppy, who came third . Amazing effort guys! 

You made TEAM ATAWHAI proud!

Mathematics FUN!

In Maths, we have been learning all about cardinal directions. Mrs Walsh lead an exciting lesson where we were able to go outside and explore the different directions. 

Never Eat Soggy Weetbix - a great rule to live by (or just to remember!)

Angus and Vili are deciding which direction to go.

Did we manage to meet the success criteria?

Some of us did---some have a long way to go!

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Ukelele with Jakub!

2SW Literacy Class jamming to 'Lime in the Coconut':

This term, we are having weekly ukelele lessons with Jakub. We have already learnt 5 songs but I think this one has to be our favourite....

A big thank you to the talented Jakub!

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Whats been happening this week?

Another great week so far in Atawhai.


We would like to thank the Queen for having a birthday

It seems that teachers and children alike, respond so well to a four day week!

2SW and 2GE went to mass today.
It was commented on by many how beautifully they sang.
Well done to our songbirds!

   Look at the newest addition
to our school playground---time to make sure our 'choppers' are in mint condition.

It's that time of year again and speeches
are well underway. Most children have now
chosen their topic and are crafting some really interesting, creative and informative
Don't rush the ending---keep recrafting and refining your speech.
Time then to start saying it aloud --memorise as much as you can--make cue cards--try it out on someone at home--watch the time!

One last image from the Science Roadshow...


Even Mothers get 'stuck' sometimes!

Thank you to the parents who helped us out--we did tell you it was ' hands on!'

Matariki is the celebration of the Maori New Year. Matariki is a star cluster that appears in early winter and disappears in Autumn when it is too close to the Sun.

In Atawhai we celebrated the start of Matariki by creating our own stars using collage:

The stars are hanging in Atawhai. Come in and see them!

The children have also...

...listened to the story of 'The Seven Sisters' read by the author 

Toni Rolleston-Cummins.
You can visit the story here:

They were later quizzed on their new found knowledge...

How much do you know about Matariki?

Take the Quiz— (from the Christchurch city Library)

Yes! It is interactive...

Can you find it in the night sky?
( the teachers have been unsuccessful thus far!!!)


On Thursday afternoon, Atawhai went to the exciting Science Roadshow for 2016. The ride only took a few minutes but every second seemed to go by slowly. When we got there, we saw a big white truck with a cute teddy bear and dog on it. We thought we were going in the truck but we trudged into a huge hall. The hall was filled with different activities and machines.

Sean was the science guide (he was really tall). Sean taught us about sound-waves, acid-water, heat music and about other exciting and different science investigations. When he had finished, we had a look at all the really cool machines scattered around the hall. One of our favourite machines was the wind blower - it could blow wind at 50 kph! Another favourite was the toilet, you had to pump the leaver to get water to flush the toilet (it was a lot of hard work).

We were there for a few hours but it felt way longer. Before we left, Sean gave the winners of the competition a toy dragon - which changed colour when you applied heat! The toy dragons were made by a 3D printer. 
Soon after that, we left and that’s how the Science Roadshow went. You can see for yourself at MOTAT in the school holidays! 

A big thank you to the wonderful parents who came and supported us on this trip. You were a big help.

By William and Amelia.